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24 Hour Study Hall

24 Hour Study Hall 5/4 12:00am

As we do every semester, we are having 24 Hour Study Hall for three days to help you prepare for finals! There will be fun activities like coloring, u-swirl...

Latino Graduate Celebration 2016

Latino Graduate Celebration 2016 5/6 5:30pm

College of Liberal Arts, Latino Research Center, Student Services, Center for Student Cultural Diversity

Celebrating the academic achievements of Latino students from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Latino Graduation Celebration

Latino Graduation Celebration 5/6 5:30pm

University Holidays, Community Outreach / College of Liberal Arts, Latino Research Center, Student Services, Center for Student Cultural Diversity

Latino Graduation Ceremony is an annual event that celebrates graduating Latino students and their families. Faculty members, the President, Provost and...

Transit of Mercury

Transit of Mercury 5/9 7:00am

Community Outreach / College of Science, Physics

Join members of the Physics department, UNR Astronomy Club, and Tahoe Star Tours for viewing of a transit of Mercury. When the sun rises on May 9th Mercury...

Honor the Best

Honor the Best 5/10 3:00pm

President's Office

Come join us as we recognize the outstanding achievements of University of Nevada, Reno students, faculty, and staff.

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5KAO 4/23/2016

Earth Day 4/22/2016

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Ricardo A Salazar

Ricardo A Salazar posted a photo 4/20/2016

Latino Graduates with their Por Vida shirts Latino Graduates with their Por Vida shirts

Margarita Portillo

Margarita Portillo posted a photo 4/6/2016

Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens left a positive review 2/17/2015

I though that the expo was a great experience. Though for me, it was more practice for March 12th's fair, I was still able to learn a lot about what questions I should be asking and how these booths operate. My only complaint is that the line for Tesla's booth was too long, but that was to be expected.

Michelle L Groy

Michelle L Groy left a positive review 12/1/2014

Tough movie but the discussion after was great!

Kelly Norman

Kelly Norman left a positive review 11/3/2014

I really enjoyed the talk last night. Bill Thomas pointed out the importance of how we think about our elders and how we use language as we age and about others who are aging. As a person who is raising kids and seeing my elders age, this was a poignant talk. I was early and received a free book and had it signed. I started reading it last night. I am very glad that I went.

Christine M Aramburu Alegria

Christine M Aramburu Alegria left a review 11/1/2014

I think the key must be to get there early. We arrived about 3PM, and it was quite crowded and there was no place to sit. The food line was extremely long, and there were no crafts left to be done for my grandson, other than face painting. We did not stay long because these conditions made the event less pleasant than it could have been.

Beatriz M Robinson

Beatriz M Robinson left a positive review 10/24/2014

The event was fabulous. The classes were super fun. Suzette did an awesome job. The salsas were delicious, and the Spanish Club are the best hosts ever. Thank you. Do it again!

Amy M Koeckes

Amy M Koeckes posted a photo 9/3/2014

Amy M Koeckes

Amy M Koeckes posted a photo 9/3/2014

Jennifer Pierce

Jennifer Pierce left a review 8/20/2014

This would have been much more helpful last semester when I was completely new to the area and a grad special. I understand why grad specials may not be invited to attend, but by this point the information was kind of irrelevant to me.

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