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Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center

The reason the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center is not formally called a library is because it’s a lot more than simply a repository of books.

The university's Knowledge Center offers University students much, much more, including technology resources, academic support and spaces designed for collaboration. It is a place where students can do their own research towards creating new knowledge.

For students looking for an academic edge, here are the things to look for in the Knowledge Center:


This is a computer lab on steroids. @One (pronounced "at-one") offers students a wide array of computers, advanced software, multimedia and video equipment, printing tools, and expert staff to help with any sort of academic endeavor.

The Research & Computing Help Desk

The Research and Computing Help Desk is a combination reference and computer help desk. Students with any sort of computer or research question are welcome to walk up and ask for help.

Special Collections and University Archives

Like most flagship research universities, the University of Nevada, Reno has an impressive collection of historical items available to students. Among the items are several 15th century books, thousands of historical photographs of Lake Tahoe and diaries of western pioneers.

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Upcoming Events

Inside the Mind of da Vinci

The University of Nevada, Reno will host the display of an iconic sculpture of Leonardo da Vinci on campus through May 1, 2017. Northern Nevada artist...

Libraries launches History of Women at Nevada project honoring female trailblazers

*THIS IS AN ONLINE EXHIBIT AVAILABLE FREE TO THE PUBLIC* University Libraries at the University of Nevada, Reno is celebrating Women’s History Month by...

3/30 8am
Spring 2017 University Libraries Workshop Series: Introduction to OpenRefine

Introduction to OpenRefine OpenRefine is an open source tool for data cleaning and transformation. This workshop will help you installing the software and...

3/30 1pm
Inside the Mind of da Vinci

The University of Nevada, Reno will host the display of an iconic sculpture of Leonardo da Vinci on campus through May 1, 2017. Northern Nevada artist...

Robotics Day

Curious about robotics? The Autonomous Robots Lab invites you to an open house to learn about the state of the art in robotics, identify research...


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Recent Activity

Akshita Yadav

Akshita Yadav 3/20/2017

Love to visit the center. Sounds interesting.

Martin Kearney

Martin Kearney posted a photo 2/7/2017

The Pentagon's Brain front book cover The Pentagon's Brain front book cover

Casilde A Isabelli

Casilde A Isabelli posted a photo 1/30/2017

Dr. Kim Potowski Dr. Kim Potowski

Heather Nesbitt

Heather Nesbitt left a positive review 1/24/2017

The meeting was super helpful and the advisors answered all of my questions. The powerpoint and handouts made it easy to follow along.

Ginger L Fenwick

Ginger L Fenwick left a review 4/6/2016

No fault of the speaker, but it was unfortunate that the stream to the overflow room didn't work. I was able to find a suitable seat inside the Auditorium; I sat with the photographer on the bench in the back of the room.

I have never been to Burning Man. I always enjoy the photos of artwork from Burning Man and the art cars that do events in downtown Reno. I appreciate that Crimson Rose is passionate about her craft of fire dancing but I guess I was expecting more of the mechanics than the "religious" fervor of fire dancing. I used to belly dance, so I understand the love of movement, of the flow, of one's expression in the dance, but I guess the direction of the talk just didn't work to me. It is certainly nothing against the speaker's belief, nor her love of her craft, it was certainly evident. It just wasn't what I was looking for. The powerpoint slides were beautiful.

Arpith Siddaiah

Arpith Siddaiah left a positive review 9/28/2015

The Blood drive was great. The representative at Registration desk was especially very kind and caring.

Natalie Savidge

Natalie Savidge posted a photo 4/2/2015

The Hindus book jacket The Hindus book jacket

Natalie Savidge

Natalie Savidge posted a photo 4/2/2015

Wendy Doniger Flier Wendy Doniger Flier

Ileana M Tibuleac

Ileana M Tibuleac posted a photo 11/3/2014

David H Fenimore

David H Fenimore left a positive review 10/22/2014

Terrific show, packed house, tears, jeers, and lots of laughter!

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