Church Fine Arts

The Church Fine Arts Complex, opened in 1962, houses the Departments of Music, Art, Speech Communication and Theater, and is home to the Nevada Repertory Company, Nightingale Concert Hall and the Sheppard Contemporary gallery.

James Edward Church was professor of Latin, German, classical art and history at the University of Nevada, Reno from 1892-1959. Church's development of the first snow surveying techniques and a system of analyzing avalanche hazards brought recognition to the school and the state.

Each spring, Church Fine Arts plays host to one of the University's most successful outreach efforts, the Reno Jazz Festival, attracting thousands of participants from high schools and universities from throughout the region.

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Markus Kemmelmeier

Markus Kemmelmeier left a positive review February 12, 2019

great job.

Robert Day

Robert Day left a positive review March 6, 2020

I attended after a neighbor mentioned that this event was happening. I am really glad I did! The combination of Chinese folk music, played on Chinese instruments, with the beautiful music of the Reno Pops Orchestra was very wonderful and the music itself was superb! I will make it a point to attend any future events of a similar nature. Thank you!

Geri Mosey

Geri Mosey left a positive review October 16, 2019

This group was great. They demonstrated their talents exuberantly which was contagious and the audience participation was elevated.

e gerscovich

e gerscovich left a positive review October 9, 2019

Wonderful director and orchestra. In my opinion, it would enhance the audience experience if the director would explain about the next piece to be performed and about its author.


famitofu January 20, 2019

Out there, they're picking up each other. In his heart, he silently welcomed the rain. Who are we now? ->basketball games

Macon Towing Company

Macon Towing Company December 14, 2018

Such a beautiful event. A master piece of art and acting. Thank you for organizing this .

Adam BLue

Adam BLue August 28, 2018

This is a wonderful experience. Thank you to everyone who put this on - thanks you for all you do!

Surender Singh

Surender Singh March 28, 2016

Church Fine Arts, houses the Departments of Music, Art, Speech Communication and Theater.

Pooja Kamthe

Pooja Kamthe July 7, 2015

Church of fine arts is a wonderful place with full of classic art beauty..One of my friend had also attended Flute day event and was surprised to see the art of all students over there.There's another place for fine arts in Singapore named as Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society( my 3 day tour to Singapore(, I had gone to visit these place and attended the dance event it was mind blowing..
Even you can get a chance to attend these events on your next tour.