3 Keys To Healthy Boundaries: Say No, Speak Up For Yourself, and Confidently Express What You Want- Nevada Alumni Learning Community webinar

Do you struggle with feeling over-committed, stretched thin, or overwhelmed by all the demands of your life? Perhaps you feel guilt or fear about saying no, letting others down, or missing out.

If so, you are one of millions who might struggle with boundaries without even knowing it. In this illuminating webinar, join Confidence Expert and author of the bestselling book Not Nice, Dr. Aziz Gazipura will discuss: 

- The Secret To Skillfully Stand Up For Yourself

- How To Say No Gracefully (Without Guilt or Fear)

- How to Speak Up Directly (Without Hesitation or Over-Explaining)

After this webinar, you will instantly feel a more spacious sense of freedom and power to direct your own life. Use your newfound skill of setting healthy boundaries to create better relationships, deeper connections, and more confidence in your work life.

Register for this webinar and check out other online events here: https://alumlc.org/unr.

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Thursday, July 11 at 9:00 am

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