Bertin Louis, Ph.D. Hilliard Lecture "Black Rural Lives Matter: Anti-Racist Organizing in the US South"

The non-indictment of Michael Brown’s killer in fall 2014, the castigation of Blacks during the Baltimore uprising following Freddie Gray’s death in police custody and the death of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail further solidified the notion of the expendability of Black life vis-à-vis the American state. But while larger urban areas like Cleveland, Ferguson and Staten Island mobilized around anti-Black police brutality, African Americans in smaller rural towns struggled to manifest their opposition to anti-Black violence in ways that were meaningful to their communities. Many turned to the Black church, which emerged once again as a site of struggle and resistance.

This presentation with featured guest speaker Bertin M. Louis, Jr., Ph.D., charters the rise of an anti-racist, interfaith organization created to combat anti-Black racism in the South: Blount County United (BCU). The research focus on BCU renders problems that Blacks face in non-urban contexts visible and demonstrates the systemic nature of racism in the 21st century as it is articulated in rural contexts thereby highlighting the hidden transcripts of anti-Black violence. 

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Wednesday, February 10 at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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