Chronic Disruptions | Walking Forward, Looking Back by Rose Miyako

No single narrative can contain the multiplicity within our society, with that in mind Chronic Disruptions will feature local artists creating a chorus of different ideas, cultures, and voices. This series of solo exhi­bitions attempts to persuade the viewer to engage on an ongoing dialog about race, equality, and social change within our local community. Art has the power to entice curiosity, create empathy and under­standing within diverse communities, and most importantly can be used as a tool for change.

Spanning eight years of Rose’s artistic practice, this deeply personal exhibit captures the complexities of navigating mental health issues, grief, divorce, and being a queer, Japanese American woman. Through a wide variety of media—watercolor, acrylic, and rubber block prints—the artist is able to take the viewer on an emotional journey. By transferring feelings of belonging, power, radical joy, and love into her pieces, she creates the potential of an energetic exchange with the viewer. The symbolism woven throughout her work alludes to the safeguarding of women and nonbinary humans. Walking Forward, Looking Back reflects on beauty as an act of resistance in a deeply unjust society.

Thursday, June 16 at 5:30 pm

Lilley Museum of Art