Core Humanities - CH 201 Florence, Italy - Study Abroad (July 17-Aug. 6, 2022)

Are you interested in taking your CH 201 course in Florence, Italy—the birthplace of Dante and the Italian Renaissance? This three-week course covers the ancient and medieval world that leads us straight to Florence. It will bring Core Humanities to life through place-based and experiential curriculum and leave plenty of time for you to explore the sites of Italy on your own. The course will run July 17-August 6 in Florence, Italy. If you are interested, please see the attached flyer and/or visit the to the extended studies website:  Students can register through MyNevada through the Purchase Miscellaneous Items tile. The deadline to reserve a spot (with a deposit through MyNevada) is March 18th. Feel free to contact Dr. Chaput with your questions:

Saturday, August 6

Florence, Italy