David R. Harper: My Own Personal Ghost

The scene is reminiscent of a marvelous feast, a brimming banquet hall that appears in a state of interruption from completion. It is as though someone was called to the kitchen in the midst of setting the table. The air of incompletion may be jarring to a viewer accustomed to entering a museum or gallery space with the expectation of encountering “properly” displayed, fully resolved works. This very notion is one that artist David R. Harper confronts in his installation MY OWN PERSONAL GHOST.

Harper challenges his audiences to experience his work as a snapshot of a studio space frozen at the height of productive fervor. Harper’s vision is of that moment of high gear, full capacity rumination, and the visual cacophony that surrounds the cultivation of ideas and very busy hands. It is not the tidy, quiet wrapping up of a conceptual thought, but the idea in its moment of full bloom. There is yet more room at the table for potential and discovery.

Originally organized at John Michael Kohler Arts Center, this traveling exhibition is organized with The Lilley and accompanied by a new catalogue with original essays by Faythe Levine and Paul Baker Prindle.

Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

University Arts Building, John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art
39°32'28.4"N 119°48'57.0"W