Dr. Data Barata Lecture in Anthropology: "Contested Identities and Equal Citizenship in Ethiopia"

Dr. Barata examines how cultural identities are mobilized in the context of contentious political rhetoric and policy interventions hyped as mechanisms of promoting equal citizenship in Ethiopia. Why do identities, with distinct notions of inequality, persist in this region of Africa even after these ‘traditional identities’ are repeatedly confronted with deeply appealing new moral ideals and ideologies? Ethnographically, the analysis focuses on how the diverse and generally unequal identity groups (ethnic, clan, status, quasi-caste, religious, and political party) in the historically marginalized region of Ethiopia’s south have engaged, by choice or imposition, with the officially touted equal rights discourse, new citizenship politics, and related policies. Dr. Barata highlights particular ways in which the terms of belonging to places, groups, communities, and the nation state are being challenged in new ways.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 4:00 pm