Dr. Steven Hayes' Last Lecture & Career Celebration

Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Psychology Emeritus University of Nevada, Reno


Why Psychology Matters to Science and to the World: My “Last Lecture” to the University of Nevada, Reno


In this talk, my “last lecture to the University of Nevada, Reno” I argue that psychology needs to play a more central role in the life sciences for us to meet the challenges of the modern world, but that it needs to evolve to do that. The initial foil for my argument will be the contribution of the Department of Psychology to the development of our University as an R1 Land Grant institution. My larger frame will be how little-known historical mistakes of psychology as a field have exacerbated some of the worldwide problems we all face, but how correction of those mistakes are now opening up a new way forward for evidence-based psychosocial interventions of all kinds. I will use my own nearly 47-year-old research program, with 37 of those years here at UNR, as a foundation for that argument. I will attempt to show that a pragmatic focus on basic principles, processes of change, and targeted interventions are proving useful in ways that are being recognized by such entities as the World Health Organization and systems of care around the world.


Hosted by the Department of Psychology & Behavior Analysis Program


Please RSVP to Jennifer Prager at jprager@unr.edu by May 1, 2024

Wednesday, May 22 at 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Davidson Math & Science Center, DMSC 110