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Handling the Paper-load: CCID Workshop 4

So, you have a stack of papers coming at midterm, a big final project, or a course with a lot of writing in it next semester. Maybe you are teaching a capstone/CO 13 course or a course destined to become your department's CO1 ‘develops' course. How will you keep up with the grading? How will you give the feedback to so many students? Most writing in the disciplines/writing across the curriculum advocates will tell you to use writing all the time and for a variety of purposes, but they don't as often tell you how to handle all of that writing when the students turn it in. In this workshop, CCID will provide strategies, practices and tools for making productive use of all of that student work without burning yourself out. Bring your lunch, meet and talk with colleagues and get your assignments ready for the semester. Please reserve your spot by emailing and bring your assignments to work on.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Joe Crowley Student Union, 324
1500 North Virginia Street

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