L.J. and Linda Kutten Religious Studies Lecture: Lullabies and Laments

Lullabies and Laments: A Night of Musical Performance and Tamil Religious Poetry with  Archana Venkatesan and Sikkil Gurucharan


Lullabies and Laments is an experiment on translation, in translation, of a translation process informed by Indic reading, interpretive and performative practices. Contrary to most translation practice, which fixes the text, in this performance, it is rendered fluid, flexible, supple—words can be split, rearranged, excised, built upon. Translation today moves between melody and word, between Tamil and English, and is guided by dialog and improvisation. This performance brings together a male and female voice to explore how male poets use the female voice and female genres such as laments and lullabies, to speak of love, longing, desire and devotion.

Monday, April 12 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


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