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Minds, Means and Materials

2nd Annual Conference on Writing and Well-Being and Crossings: Exploring Shared Work in Writing

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Cornel West

Crossings is a conference about transcending boundaries. The Conference on Writing and Well-Being focuses on writing and student writers, striving to make writing a part of whole student well-being and meaningful engagement with themselves, academe and the world around them by creating a professional space for research and discussion of writers, writing, writing curricula and writing programs, among other topics. This combined conference is an interactive, multifaceted enterprise that will focus on breaking down the boundaries between mind, means and materials. This conference will focus on writers themselves.

We envision a conference developed along three board strands. One strand is based in mindfulness and awareness. These sessions would generally focus on means of activating from within students’ senses of themselves in relation to their writing and communications work. A second strand might generally focus on research and scholarship related to cognition, psychology, self-efficacy, agency, stance, grit, apprehension and other related topics that explore and explicate student writing, behavior and decision-making. A third strand would focus on topics related to pedagogy, practice and interaction that encourage a deep and practical relationship with writing and/or other modes of communication. Permeating all of these strands is the idea that writing and well-being can be powerfully intertwined and that mindfulness is an opportunity to explore and develop them both.

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Tuesday, January 5

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Mike Croghan

Mike Croghan left a positive review January 3, 2021

Presenters were prepared. I ALWAYS appreciate that. I'm a retired educator learning The Craft - that is, writing. I got some very useful lessons from English and Creative Writing teachers that I can use to improve my craft. Appreciate that, too. Finally, I got lost trying to find my workshop a couple of times. Prof. Macauley was on it immediately when I reached out for help. Essential for us inexperienced old guys learning to navigate our way through virtual schooling.