NeuroLecture series: Dr. Thomas Buckley, Ph.D.

Concussion and Repetitive Head Impacts in Collision Sports: Neurological Risks

There has been considerable attention in recent years to the lifelong effects of both concussions and repetitive head impacts on the long term health of athletes, especially football and ice hockey players.  Newspapers and TV news have highlighted tragic outcomes associated with longtime collision sport athletes like NFL stars Junior Seau and Dwight Clark.  However, the scientific findings to date are more complex than a simple 'playing football causes brain damage' headline would suggest.  This presentation will discuss the evidence of reduced neurological health and conflicting evidence of better life outcomes in former football players with a focus on the effects of youth sports participation.

Thursday, October 28 at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

UNR, Lombardi Building, 224A 1664 N. Virginia Street, Reno, NV