Science in the Wild | Learn about local research from University graduate students

‘Mountains, rivers  and waterfalls: How landscapes sometimes record history’
Presented by Sophie Rothman
Sophie is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Hydrology Program and Geology Department. She studies the influence of waterfalls on landscapes. Sophie got into geology because of her love of rivers and kayaking, and she enjoys doing most of the outdoor sports at a mediocre level.

Sophie Rothman.

‘Fires and drought and removal, oh my!’ 
Presented by Chloe Collier-Allen
Chloe is a Ph.D. candidate with the University. She studies the impact of climate change on Great Basin pinion pine species. Her research examines caterpillar community structure and terpene diversity within this context. In her work, Chloe collaborates with Indigenous  groups such as the Wašiw (Washoe)  to explore the past and present uses of this culturally significant species.

Chloe Collier-Allen.

‘Choosing seeds to restore Nevada’s wild lands’
Presented by Cathy Silliman
Cathy, a master’s student, is researching the impact of relocating seed sources from dryer southern regions to wetter northern regions within the Great Basin Desert to enhance restoration efforts. Despite her initial botanical work in Hawaii’s wet forests, Cathy shifted her focus to the dry deserts of Nevada. Her goal is to contribute to the improvement of restoration practices in the Great Basin. 

Cathy Silliman

‘Sustaining the beating heart of Cambodia: Fisheries management in Southeast Asia’s largest lake’
Presented by Elizabeth Everest
Eli is a master’s student in the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Program. She collaborates with the University-directed Wonders of the Mekong Project. Her research centers on the Tonle Sap Lake. The lake is vital for sustaining the livelihoods and food security of over 40 million people in Cambodia. Eli investigates the effects of fishing practices on this ecosystem, and she strives to enhance its protection for future sustainability.

Elizabeth Everett.

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