The Kids Are NOT Alright: Stigma, Suicide, and Solutions to Our Youth Mental Health Crisis

Listen to mental health panelists discuss stigma, suicide, and soultions to our youth mental health crisis facing Nevada in a YouTube Channel Watch Party hosted by Truckee Meadows Tomorrow. Panelists will include UNR Proffesor of Education & Human Development William Evans, Ph.D. along with Josh Fitzgerald, M.D. from UNR School of Medicine, Jacquelyn Kleinedler, Norris Dupree, Ph.D. and Katherine Loudon. 

Mental Health America ranked Nevada 51st among states in seven categories of youths at risk for substance abuse due to lack of access to mental health. Psychological and emotional disturbances, substance abuse disorders, major depressive episodes and  suicide rates are on the rise statewide. Learn what is what is being done to battle this growing issue. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Virtual Event