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University Leadership Alliance (ULA) Meeting

For the first time, the University of Nevada Reno's four main governing bodies, Graduate Student Association , The Associated Students of the University of Nevada, RenoFaculty Senate - University of Nevada, Renoand Staff Employees' Council, are collaborating to form the University Leadership Alliance (ULA) in order to establish collective representation of the UNR community. At this meeting, the ULA board (three executive members of each governing body) and University administrative leaders are gathering to discuss priorities, goals, new initiatives, campus diversity issues and other matter that affect the UNR community. The meeting is open to the public and will include opportunities for public comment and open discussion so that members of the campus community and other stakeholders can express their concerns to the ULA board and the University Administration. We hope that the meeting will provide a vibrant platform for enhancing transparency in communication between the University administration and constituents. 

Following this meeting, the ULA board will draft a set of recommendations for University leaders to consider for addressing current and future challenges and opportunities.

Your presence at this University Leadership Alliance meeting on 02/22/2018, 9am-12pm at JCSU Ballroom C will be extremely valuable for our campus community.


Contact your representative on the appropriate governing body to relay your input.

Thursday, February 22 at 9:00am to 12:00pm

Joe Crowley Student Union, Ballroom C
1500 North Virginia Street

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