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Joe Crowley Student Union

The Joe Crowley Student Union is an inviting, newer building to the University of Nevada, Reno. It is more than twice the size of the old student union and built with environmental sustainability in mind. It houses event spaces that can cater to any event that you are planning. 
This building is more than just a place for events, it is a place where student can come together and study or grab a seat on a comfortable couch and hang out. It is a place where clubs across campus can meet and create new ideas. The Joe Crowley Student Union is the heart of campus and is welcoming to all students.

1500 North Virginia Street

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Joe Crowley Student Union




Upcoming Events

Coffee House Series feat. Terisa Siagatonu

Terisa Siagatonu, an award-winning poet, activist, and queer Samoan woman creates poetry that calls for healing, courage, justice, and truth. Enjoy the power...

Know Your Rights Workshop

Join us for a Know Your Rights Workshop in which Tu Casa Latina will provide information on immigration rights and resources.

10/17 12pm
You Are Not Alone: Connecting Your Students' Writing: CCID Workshop 5

One of the continuing challenges of engaging students in their academic writing is it too often seems disconnected from . . . well, most other things they...

10/17 12pm
Prepare for the Fair

This multi-station, drop-in event gives students insight, advice, and experience on being a more prepared Career Fair attendee and job applicant. Students...

10/17 1pm
Peace Corps Information Session

Make a difference with the Peace Corps! Living and working in communities abroad, members of the Peace Corps create positive change through collaboration,...

10/17 5pm

Recent Events

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Alexa Towler

Alexa Towler left a positive review 10/1/2018

Lots of friendly representatives from 8-10 colleges I talked to

Saundra Mitrovich

Saundra Mitrovich left a positive review 3/29/2017

It was a well attended event and had a great time.

Bernie Defrenchi

Bernie Defrenchi left a negative review 4/19/2018

We went to check in and I thought I registered but they couldn’t find our name. The girl was rude and said we could eat at the brunch but couldn’t attend any of the events. The tables were empty and her list of attendees only half were highlighted as present. For a university that promotes community, that certainly wasn’t the case for us. Very discouraging won’t be attending again.

Natalie K Fry

Natalie K Fry left a positive review 4/11/2018

It was an incredible day-so well organized and thought-provoking. Thanks for providing such great speakers. Looking forward to next year's Summit!

Jaylin Hendricks

Jaylin Hendricks left a positive review 4/2/2018

Attending this event was such a neat experience! The moderator did a fantastic job of selecting appropriate and interesting questions/follow-up questions as the discussion progressed. I'm quite grateful to all the individuals who worked to make this event possible and accessible to the community, including students such as myself - definitely looking forward to the next event in this series!

Jamie Duhart

Jamie Duhart left a positive review 8/17/2017


Donna J Healy

Donna J Healy posted a photo 9/18/2017

Siva Hari

Siva Hari left a positive review 9/6/2017

Excellent slides, graphics and a comprehensive review of AI and its future. Thank you!

Craig Rauchle

Craig Rauchle left a positive review 9/6/2017

He did a great Job!

Jill Stockton

Jill Stockton left a positive review 4/3/2017

Anthony's lecture was uplifting, inspirational and a lot of fun. He has an incredible story to share and is a very special human being. I am grateful that ASUN organized the event and gave the campus community to engage with a four time Olympian in such an intimate setting. The event was awesome!

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