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Joe Crowley Student Union

The Joe Crowley Student Union is an inviting, newer building to the University of Nevada, Reno. It is more than twice the size of the old student union and built with environmental sustainability in mind. It houses event spaces that can cater to any event that you are planning. 
This building is more than just a place for events, it is a place where student can come together and study or grab a seat on a comfortable couch and hang out. It is a place where clubs across campus can meet and create new ideas. The Joe Crowley Student Union is the heart of campus and is welcoming to all students.

1500 North Virginia Street

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Joe Crowley Student Union




Upcoming Events

Community Partner Orientation

All organizations and UNR faculty and staff are invited to attend the Community Partner Orientation. Information will include an overview of...

2/21 12pm
UNR Faculty Senate Meeting

The Faculty Senate meets regularly to discuss faculty welfare, campus policies, University activities and develop recommendations for University administration.

2/21 1pm
Nevada Bound

Nevada Bound is a single-day campus visit program that provides prospective students and their families and opportunity to experience life at the University...

2/22 8:15am
UndocuAlly Workshop

The UNR Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office is excited to collaborate with The Center to host UndocuAlly Workshops for faculty, staff and student leaders in...

2/22 10am
Oscar Shorts Film Festival

The Joe Crowley Student Union and KUNR have partnered with Shorts HD and Magnolia Pictures to present the 2019 Oscar-Nominated Short Films. With all three...

2/22 7pm

Recent Events

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Vicente Villarreal

Vicente Villarreal left a positive review 2/16/2019

It was outstanding really enjoyed their performance they sing and play beautiful one of a Lifetime

Michelle Hritz

Michelle Hritz left a positive review 1/22/2019

Very inspiring account of a real event and response! The biggest Ah-ha is to stand with someone showing support in a non-confrontational manner. "I stand with you...what is happening is wrong!"

Deanna Noel

Deanna Noel left a review 1/18/2019

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Natasa Cyrus

Natasa Cyrus left a positive review 12/10/2018

Yeah we know it's too late but after attending this event our entire team of insisted me to leave a review here, we learnt a lot and it was one the most memorable moments of our professional career. Thank you so much UNR for inviting us to the event.

Steve Scott

Steve Scott left a positive review 10/1/2018


Steve Scott

Steve Scott left a positive review 10/3/2018

Great selection , Thankyou!

Steve Scott

Steve Scott left a positive review 10/5/2018


Steve Scott

Steve Scott left a positive review 10/23/2018

Very good!

Steve Scott

Steve Scott left a positive review 11/15/2018

Saw it twice!

Steve Scott

Steve Scott left a positive review 11/15/2018


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